Sofia Jannok to Umeå in December

Sofia Jannok

Sofia Jannok, the snow lioness from Sápmi, has proven that she’s here to stay. Her Sami power yoiks, English pop songs and Swedish spoken word performances carry an air of dancefloors, powerful statements and the forces of the elements. On November 20, she takes the stage at Vävenscenen, Umeå.

Tickets available shortly!


Nils and Jon new Humlan producers

Nils Andrén och Jon Jonsson Sandström

From September 1st the new employees of Humlan will be installed at the Humlan office. It is with great confidence we have employed these new producers who both have a great commitement to culture and hearts beating for non-profit organizations such as Humlan.

The new producers will be Nils Andrén and Jon Jonsson Sandström. Nils Andrén latest job was as a producer for the Trästock festival in Skellefteå, and Jon Jonsson Sandström has just worked both at non-profit music café Nyfiket in Rättvik and as a self-emplyed translator. (more…)

Kvelertak to Umeå


Kvelertak shows no sign of letting go of their strangle hold of the neck of heavy metal. With their latest album Natteferd they continue their brutal brew of norwegian death metal-tradition combined with punk and hardcore. The 20th of October you will see them take over Väven. Ticket release next week. See you there.

Veronica Maggio-concert in Umeå

Veronica Maggio

Veronica Maggio’s live concerts has been widely critically acclaimed, “Best in Sweden” according to music magazine GAFFA, and she’s the most played female artist in the nordic contries on Spotify. Tickets will be released on August 17th at 9 AM via